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Zhou Demin

Ph.D. Professor


Research Areas
Chemical Biology/Medicinal Chemistry


Education & Positions:

Peking University, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor, 2008-
Immusol Inc., Group Leader & Division Head, 2003-2008
Chugai-Roche Inc., Senior Scientist, 2002-2003
University of California at Berkeley/The Scripps Institute, Postdoctoral, 1999-2002
University of Tsukuba, Department of Biochemistry, Assistant Professor, 1996-1998
Beijing Medical University/University of Tsukuba, Ph.D., 1990-1996
Beijing Medical University, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, B.S. 1985-1990


Faculty Accolades:

Recipient of ten major Breakthroughs in Chinese Science, 2017
Recipient of the outstanding achievement award of Wuxi AppTec Life Science and Chemistry, 2017
Recipient of National special support program for high-level personnel recruitment

Research Interests:

The major research interest is to develop novel chemicals and biotechnologies for development of anti-virus and anti-cancer drugs, through integration of chemistry into biology, and establish a comprehensive platform.


Grants and fundings :

China Giga Project grant for Drug Discovery: Precision modification of proteins for biotechnology drug discovery (No. 2017ZX09309009, 2018-2020)
NSFC Grant for Key Project: Site-specific modifications of viral vectors for targeting (No. 81530090, 2016-2020)
Precisely Spatial Modifications of Viral Envelopes for Chemical Intervention of Virus-Host fusion and Translational Medicines (91753202, 2018-2021)


Selected Publications:

  • 1. Wu L,# Chen J,# Wu Y,# Zhang B, Cai X, Zhang Z, Wang Y, Si L, Xu H, Zheng Y, Zhang C, Liang C, Li J, Zhang L, Zhang Q, Zhou D.* Precise and combinatorial PEGylation generates a low-immunogenic, stable form of human growth hormone. J Control. Release, 2017, 249:84-93.
  • 2. Si L,# Xu H,# Zhou X, Zhang Z, Tian Z, Zhang B, Niu Z, Yao T, Wang Y, Li S, Zhang C, Fu G, Xiao S, Xia Q, Zhang L, Zhou D*. Generation of Influenza A Viruses as Live but Replication-incompetent Virus Vaccines. Science, 2016, 354(6316):1170-1173.
  • 3. Chuanling Zhang, Tianzhuo Yao, Yongxiang Zheng, Zhongjun Li, Lihe Zhang, Demin Zhou* Development of Next Generation of Adeno-Associated Viral Vectors via Precision Engineering for Preferable Selective Tropism and Efficient Gene Delivery. Biomaterials, 2016, 80, 134-145.
  • 4. Zheng, Yongxiang; Yu, Fei; Wu, Yiming; Si, Longlong; Xu, Huan; Zhang, Chuanling; Xia, Qing; Xiao, Sulong; Wang, Qi; He, Qiuchen; Chen, Peng; Wang, Jiangyun; Zhang, Li He;* Taira, Kazunari; Zhou, Demin.* Broaden the versatility of lentiviral vector as a tool in nucleic acid research via genetic code expansion. Nucleic Acids Res., 2015, 43(11):e73.
  • 5. Maorong Yu, Longlong Si, Yufei Wang, Yiming Wu, Fei Yu, Pingxuan Jiao, Yongying Shi, Han Wang, Sulong Xiao, Ge Fu, Ke Tian, Yitao Wang, Zhihong Guo, Xinshan Ye, Lihe Zhang and Demin Zhou.* Discovery of Pentacyclic Triterpenoids as Potential Entry Inhibitors of Influenza Viruses. J. Med. Chem. 2014, 57(23): 10058-10071.