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Department of Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology

  Department of Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology (DMCP) was founded in 2000, which was originally the Department of Biochemical Pharmacology established in 1988 and was renamed Department of Pharmacology in 1996. The DMCP, currently chaired by Yangtze River Scholar Prof. Demin Zhou, has 21 faculty members, including 7 PhD student supervisors, 4 master student supervisors, 6 lecturers, and 1 teaching assistants. Among them, one teacher own "Yangtze River Scholar".

  Pharmacology in DMCP was accredited as national key discipline.The DMCP offers a series of essential and advanced pharmacological courses for undergraduates and graduates in Master's and Ph.D. programs. The courses taught in the department are Essential Pharmacology, Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology, Cardiovascular Pharmacology, CNS Pharmacology, Pharmacology of Chinese Materia Media, Tumor Pharmacology, Pharmacogenetics and Introduction of Innovative Drug Discovery. In addition, the DMCP also provides lab practices that are required for each theoretical course taught in the department.

  DMCP faculty members are engaged in a wide range of cutting-edge research areas, including discovery and confirmation of drug target/biomarker, pharmacological effect and mechanism, antibody/protein/polypeptide based biopharmaceuticals, new technology and method in drug development. The research field involves cardiovascular diseases, cancer, neurological and neuropsychiatric diseases, immune system diseases and virus infection. In recent 5 years, DMCP have published nearly 100 papers in high-profile journals, including Science, Cell Chemical Biology and Nature Communications.

  The DMCP has undertook many kinds of scientific research projects, including National Science and Technology projects,"973" and"863" projects, National Natural Science Fund projects, The Ministry of Education projects such as "211" and"985" projects, Ministry of Education and Cultivation of Innovative Team Fund, Significant New Drugs Creation" major projects from National Science and Technology ," Eleventh-Five" Integrated Platform and other topics during the" eighth-five" to the"13th Five-Year Plan". In past 10 years, we applied a series of Chinese and international patents. Also a large number of DMCP researchers went abroad and engaged in cooperative research and extensive exchanges with foreign counterparts.